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Greta Christina

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Catholic adoption agency high court appeal

The Catholic adoption agency, Catholic Care based in Leeds , U.K is to appeal to the high court this week in an effort to overturn a charities commission ruling that it must not discriminate against gay and lesbian couples.
Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds, Bishop John Rawsthorne of Hallam and Bishop Terry Drainey of Middlesbrough who issued a joint letter to be read publicly in hundreds of parishes last weekend defended Catholic Care’s “bid for religious freedom” and are supporting it in this effort, stating:
Despite the fact that Catholic Care has been able to find caring families for a vast number of needy children, we are being invited either to stop our adoption work or stop being a Catholic charity altogether
There is of course another option for them, which is to drop the immoral dogma of their faith that discriminates against same sex couples. The agencies own aims state:
The search is on for people with a generous spirit who will open their hearts and their homes to children in need. We urgently need people to provide our children with loving, safe and caring homes
and their Director, Mark Wiggin even says:
A wider pool of prospective adoptive parents would dramatically increase the chances of matching children to adoptive parents who can offer security, stability and above all love to children who most need this.
This screams out that they should be actively recruiting same sex couples, who provide one of the richest sources of adoptive parents and are also more willing to adopt children less easily placed in “traditional” families.
If they really cared more for the quality of life of the children involved and less about adhering to outdated and now illegal discriminatory attitudes they would be providing a much better service to their community.
I find it unlikely that the high court will rule in their favour, I certainly hope they don’t. So when faced with the stark reality that our modern society is more moral in this respect than their outdated scriptures, what will they do? Continue to operate to the benefit of children or deny them a service in the name of dogma. Watch this space…

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